What To Expect

I am passionate about elopements. I fully believe that the smallest weddings can be the best ones, and so I specialize in elopements and intimate weddings with under 50 guests. Whether it’s running off to Santorini or saying your vows at that gorgeous lake by your house, I would love to capture the intimacy, emotion, and happiness of your day. Whatever your vision, I believe that every moment of your wedding day has beauty and deserves to be documented. I am here to help you have a relaxed, beautiful, and FUN wedding day so you can get back to focusing on what really matters: each other.

If you are just looking for a photographer to show up and get those typical stiff prom poses where you’re just smiling at the camera all the time…we honestly might not be the best fit. And if you’re just shopping around trying to find the cheapest Utah photographer, you probably won’t value what I have to offer. Which is cool, because let’s be real, I want you to find the photographer that best meets your needs! But I want to be more than just another wedding vendor. I wanna be there to capture who you really are and what your relationship feels like.

So. If you’re fueled by fresh mountain air and laughing till you *almost* pee, then keep reading. I pinky promise to make our time together as easy and fun as I can, even though I know you’ll show up saying that you’re “so awkward in front of a camera”. By the end of it you won’t even notice there’s a camera and you’ll just be so grateful for that weird awesome human you’re about to marry.