Meagan & Nanu | Redwoods

There is something amazing to be said for people who meet each other and cultivate relationships beyond the boundaries of a single location. Today, dating apps make location a minor detail in the grand scheme of love and Meagan and Nanu grew together despite their distance. She was from Utah and he was from California but their romance was unmatched. They fell in love quickly and within a year had decided to get married.

The Redwoods National Park was absolutely perfect for this photo session. I was thrilled Meagan and Nanu were willing to go somewhere they had never been before just to capture all the beauty available in the park. The trees in the Redwoods National Park are breathtaking. The sheer height is enough to make you marvel but the thick woods add stillness to its gorgeous setting. The sun was streaming through the trees as we hiked which made for exceptional lighting!

Meagan and Nanu did a quick change in the middle of the woods so they could get first look photos of their wedding outfits before the stress of their big day. While I think I spent more time swatting Mosquitoes than helping Meagan get dressed, even I was captivated by our final work of art! They looked fantastic.

As if this session couldn’t get any better, we continued west on our photography road trip and completed our session at the coast just as the sun was setting over the ocean. There are rocky cliffs that go straight down to the water with unparalleled views. I loved being able to give Meagan and Nanu such dynamic and drastically different photos for this session. We had a great time traveling and taking in the sights around us. This made for a first look session for the books!