Hannah & Stephanie | Patagonia Elopement

Words cannot describe my love for this elopement. Stephanie and Hannah contacted me over a year ago telling me about their plans to elope in Patagonia. We spent months dreaming up what their wedding day would look like, and it finally came! 

Hannah and Steph are the kinds of people who can make anyone around them their family. Though we had never met in person before, we were instant friends and dove into our life stories together. We hiked through the pouring rain to the perfect spot overlooking a glacial lake with towering mountains in the distance. I’m tellin ya….Patagonia does not suck. The hotel they were staying at heard about the cute girls getting married in the mountains, and donated some lilies for them to use as their bouquet. With tears in their eyes, the brides tied a handkerchief and a brooch around the stems in honor of their fathers who have passed on. They said their vows in front of their closest friends, laughed themselves silly, and promised each other forever.

They had told me from day one that they wanted to trash their dresses in the lake, so after celebrating with some drinks and hiking a little more, they ran into the glacial water while I screamed at them about potential hypothermia.

I’ve said this before in my Instagram caption for one of their pics, but I’m going to say it again here. Watching them on the happiest day of their lives, being able to celebrate each other in the best way they knew how without any rules or mandated traditions…it was magical. Every single detail about their day reflected their personalities and what mattered most to them. I don’t know if I’ve ever met two people more in love with each other and in love with life. The entire day was filled with laughs, happy tears, and these two telling everybody around them just how amazing their new wife is. So thankful to them for being an inspiration to me on how I want to live, love, and create in 2019.


GOSH. This day was epic! Gotta get to Patagonia now, STAT!

Omgosh! This looked so fun! Gorgeous couple. And they got in the water! I love it.

Oh man, this Patagonia elopement made me so happy! You can just feel the love through your images. What an incredible experience!

Oh my goooooooosh these are AMAZING!!!! Patagonia is so incredible!!! Looks like it was the perfect day for your couple, I love that they jumped in the lake.

I knew from the first image this was going to be a fun blog post! Stunning photos, the brides look so in love and so sweet. and brave!!! that water looked so cold but as you said, being with them as they celebrate their way is a huge honor

I can’t get over this place! Absolutely must visit. And I love that they jumped in the water!

Okey. This makes me want to travel Patagonia. So beautifull both the scenery and the photos!

Damn i beed to shoot an elopement In patagonia!!!! It looks amazing there!

I love these gorgeous wedding day images. The beautiful landscape and all their family being around is the best!

Oh my gosh these are so beautiful, fun and special!!

Oh, my goodness. This elopement is EVERYTHING! Patagonia is even higher on my bucket list now, thanks to all of these beautiful photos!