Ashley Smith Preset Pack 01


My everyday presets! See below for details.



These are the presets I use every single day! Warm, earthy tones, just the right amount of contrast, and timeless colors for your portraits and landscapes. These are NOT one-click wonders, you may need to play with the exposure/temperature/tint to get it just right depending on your situation!

Preset pack includes 3 color presets and 2 black and white presets.

Golden – My every day preset. Awesome in most lighting situations, I slightly underexpose in camera to get just the right tones!

No Grain – This is the Golden Preset but with a slightly cleaner look if you don’t like the graininess

Harsh Sun – Speaks for itself, I use this when shooting in harsh sunlight. Keeps the skin tones natural while not blowing out the highlights

BW Moody – Lower contrast black and white preset, awesome for up close shots

BW Contrast – High contrast black and white preset


Some before & afters with these presets: