Meagan & Nanu Proposal Story | Provo, Utah

This session was extra special to me. My little sister Meagan and her boyfriend Nanu had been talking about getting married for quite some time, and were just waiting on the ring to be delivered. Little did Meagan know, the ring was delivered 3 weeks ahead of schedule. So Nanu and I began plotting.

I asked Meagan if she and Nanu would be willing to model for me for a session to “model some jewelry a company had sent me”. (Lie.) She was stoked about getting some pictures done of the two of them but said she would have to check with Nanu because he wasn’t the picture-taking type. So she texted him and begged him to do a quick photoshoot with her. He reluctantly (lie) agreed.

Here’s where this gets good. Meagan asked me what kind of jewelry I had for her to model, and I said something about “ohhhh, just like necklaces and a ring or two” (only kind of a lie).

Meagan: “You know what would be funny?? Let’s prank Nanu and tell him that you have all this exotic male jewelry for him to model, and he’ll get all freaked out before the shoot”
Me: “lolol okay tell him, that’s hilarious!”
Me: *sends screenshots to Nanu who is in on this whole thing from the beginning*
*hilarity ensues*

So the morning of the shoot comes. We all pile in the car, with Nanu hiding the ring in his pocket and Meagan still throwing out things like “I can’t wait to see you wear this necklace Nanu, it’s outrageous!” I drive them up to this pretty spot up Provo Canyon, Utah and tell them we’re going to take a few pictures to just warm up first in front of the camera. After a few poses, I had them stand back to back, a few feet apart. Behind Meagan’s back, Nanu pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked her to turn around. I’m honestly just glad these pictures weren’t blurry cause at this point I was a crying mess as I watched my baby sister say yes to the love of her life. Welcome to the fam, Nanu. Well played.