Wildflower Adventure Session | Lara & Scottie

A lot of my clients book their photo sessions for big life events or annual cards but I also have a lot of clients that book them because they just want to document right here and now. Lara and Scottie are the perfect example of just wanting to book a photo session to celebrate where they are at this moment and what they love. 

Lara and Scottie have two little boys and seem to constantly be on the go. This photo shoot was just for Lara and Scottie to be adventurous and be themselves. Not mom and dad, just Lara and Scottie. The Little Cottonwood canyon is very rocky and home to some big ski resorts in the winter however in the summer, the canyon explodes in wildflowers. It almost looks like you’ve left Utah all together and flown to Switzerland just to enjoy the views. 

We drove up the canyon together and walked a little ways to reach this stunning meadow full of wildflowers. We said the word “wow” about a thousand times as we found new views and admired the mountains around us. There was no shortage of beauty. Adventurous couple sessions don’t have to mean a giant hike or anything dangerous. It can just be about getting out to see somewhere new and explore the nature in your own backyard. 

I really enjoy these sessions. Seeing people so in love with where they are in their lives that they just want to document it is amazing. Sessions like these allow me to be creative and explore with my clients. It truly is an adventure all around.